• Haggett Hall

    University of Washington-Seattle CampusSeattle, WA

  • Overall Dorm Grade

    • B
      Location on Campus
    • C
      Dorm Common Areas
    • B
      Proximity to Dining
    • F
      Independent Study Space
    • D
      Room Size
    • F
      Wifi Connectivity

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  • About Haggett Hall

    Haggett Hall offers students double rooms, single rooms, and triple rooms with community baths, as well as three-person suites with private baths. Features cable, WiFi, TV lounge, laundry room, vending machines, elevator and recreation room. Haggett Hall houses the Global Experience living learning community, and a substance-free housing option.

    Gender: Coed
    Residents: Undergraduate Student

    Amenities at Haggett Hall

    • Vending machines
    • Recreation room
    • Cable
    • Elevator
    • WiFi
    • Laundry room
    • TV lounge
  • Resident Reviews of Haggett Hall

    • Graduate Student  |  August 13
      Overall Dorm Grade

      Haggett is the one of the oldest, worst dorm on campus. The walls have asbestos, the paint has lead, the bathrooms are ancient, and you have to bring your own router just to get WiFi. The rooms are hexagonal, which makes it really hard to store anything efficiently. There's no AC, so its always way too hot in early fall and late spring. The beds aren't even extra-long twins even though the description from the university says that. The built in furniture is as old as the dorm, ugly and uncomfortable. There's only one kitchen per tower, and its so dysfunctional it may as well not be there. There is a tiny broom closet-like study room with no windows on each floor, but that's basically it for study space. Haggett does have a fun culture however, the mostly freshman residents are always up to hang out in the common spaces and have a good time.

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