• Planning & Advice

    Make your college experience a success! We've compiled the best tips for surviving the college and campus life. Get advice on dealing with homesickness, dorm packing checklists, getting along with a roommate and adjusting to college life.

    Leaving Home

    Missing home, family and friends is a normal part of the adjustment to college life. Get tips and advice for dealing with homesickness in college.
    Legal Preparations
    There are some legal documents that families find to be of great comfort when a young adult leaves home for college. Prepare FERPA, HIPAA, and POA documents in advance.
    Leaving Home for College
    Leaving home for college means learning to live independently. Ease your adjustment to college life by learning time management, laundry, and basic budgeting skills.
    Helping a Homesick College Student
    Use these 6 tips to support your college freshman when they are homesick.

    Dorm Room Essentials

    Dorm Packing List
    A comprehensive college packing list to help ensure you’ve packed all of the college dorm essentials.
    Before a Break
    If both you and your roommate are leaving campus for an extended break, there are some simple preparations you can make to ease your transition back to school.
    Moving Out
    Moving out of your college dorm is not nearly as exciting as moving in. Use these tips to move your belongings and prepare your dorm for the summer.
    Preparing for Dorm Life
    Prepare for life in your dorm with printable dorm packing lists, learn what to do do prepare your dorm for a break, and plan how you'll move out for the summer.
    College Kitchen Essentials
    Use this printable PDF of college kitchen essentials to equip your kitchen with everything you’ll need to simplify preparing meals in college housing.


    How to Choose a College Roommate
    Whether you are able to choose your college roommate or one is assigned to you, use these tips for making your college roommate experience successful.
    Dealing with College Roommate Issues
    Your roommate experience can have a huge impact on your academic success and your overall adjustment to college life. Learn how to deal with a bad college roommate.
    Tips for Living with a College Roommate
    10 tips for making your college roommate experience a success.

    Moving off Campus

    Benefits of Moving Off Campus
    Whether for social or financial reasons, or wanting more space and independence, deciding to move off campus is a decision to weigh carefully.
    Costs Considerations: Living Off Campus
    Know the costs of living off-campus before considering a move.
    Off-Campus Living & Financial Aid
    Many students wonder if moving off campus will impact their eligibility for financial aid. Learn the impact on scholarships and loans to avoid a costly mistake.
    Tips for Living Off Campus
    Is it time to get out of the dorms and move off campus? Use these 7 tips for living off campus successfully.
    Off Campus Roommate Questions
    Use these questions to guide your search for a roommate to share an off-campus house or apartment.
    Off Campus Landlord Questions
    When looking for off-campus housing, make sure you ask these questions before signing a lease agreement.