• The South Tower

    Liberty UniversityLynchburg, VA

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    • D
      Location on Campus
    • B
      Dorm Common Areas
    • D
      Proximity to Dining
    • C
      Independent Study Space
    • B
      Room Size
    • B
      Wifi Connectivity

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  • About The South Tower

    The South Tower offers traditional housing in a high-rise facility for female students. Each room houses 2 students. Mailbox kiosks are located in the nearby Circle residence halls and laundry facilities are located in the building.

    Gender: Female
    Residents: Undergraduate Student

    Amenities at The South Tower

    • Laundry room
    • Vending machines
    • Air Conditioning
    • WiFi
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    • Freshman  |  April 8
      Overall Dorm Grade

      Living in South Tower has become Hell. My friend and I both are convinced there is a precense or something on the hall. Recently someone committed suicide near the tower. After that, my friend heard and felt someone in the bathroom while she was in the shower when nobody was there. She confirmed this. This also happened again when she was in the bathroom. Her room is on the end of our hall and we were both convinced that someone was living both above and below her. She heard furniture moving after quite hours and often heard someone with heels on in the room above. Below we both witness the blinds in different positions. This to us confirmed there were girls living in those rooms. However, we went on those halls and no one lived there. Her room was one she switched into early semester, and when she first arrived it was filthy despite white glove checks being required. There were lots of dead bugs and weird textures on the furniture and floor. Other than these things, when I first arrived on South Tower and upperclassmen told me that some girls only dorm here to isolate themselves due to depression. Another older student had a tree to "ward off evil". Some other girls spend time praying over the dorms and anointing them with the oil used for baby dedications. For these reasons my friend and I have become wary of living on South Tower and would not recommend it. I understand that these things probably have a logical explanation but weird things have happened one too many times for me. Take from this what you will.

    • Freshman  |  September 10
      Overall Dorm Grade

      I am a freshman and I absolutely love south tower!! The common room is a super fun place to hang out with people or sit and study. The bathrooms are pretty nice, but the showers are very small. There’s plenty of closet space and plenty of room depending on how you set up the room. You get a dresser with 5 drawers and there are three shelves on the wall. There’s laundry on the first floor which is super nice. And there’s an elevator!! But poor Ellie (the elevator) is kinda old and she doesn’t always work. But if you treat her good and don’t work her too hard it’s fine. There’s a bus stop right next to the dorm (legit like a 1 min walk) so getting to main campus isn’t bad. If your heading to north campus from the dorm I would definitely recommend riding the bus, but if your going to main campus it’s only like a 15 min walk (mostly down hill). If you’re walking from main campus to the dorm I would recommend the bus so you don’t have to walk up hill that much. Also it’s only about a 10 min walk over to the satellite lot (where freshman parking is). The tower was recently upgraded and got new hardwood flooring and new faucets in the bathroom. I love it here so much and definitely recommend!! Hope this helps.

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  • Room Types at The South Tower

    • Traditional Room, 2-person

      The South Tower rooms contain two beds, two desks, one dresser and one closet.

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