• F.O Alexander Center

    Jackson State UniversityJackson, MS

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    • B
      Location on Campus
    • B
      Dorm Common Areas
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      Proximity to Dining
    • C
      Room Size
    • D
      Wifi Connectivity
    • A
      Location of Bathroom

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  • About F.O Alexander Center

    F.O Alexander Center features laundry facilities and a lobby.

    Gender: Coed
    Residents: Undergraduate Student

    Amenities at F.O Alexander Center

    • Laundry room
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    Resident Reviews of F.O Alexander Center

    • Junior  |  January 10
      Overall Dorm Grade

      It wasn’t my first choice for on-campus housing, but it was alright. I had it better than most with a suite but it still depends HEAVILY on who you have as suitemates. My roommate and I got along, but I absolutely DESPISED my suitemates. They were loud and obnoxious. I was basically the only one who gave a damn about keeping the place clean. The water in the sinks rarely got hot and the shower shot out whatever it wanted to give you—either scorching hot or ice cold water, rarely in between. Some of the other residents weren’t much better. You have to get up SUPER EARLY if you even want to stand a chance at getting a washer and dryer since the girls liked leaving their stuff in the machines and on the folding table. People smoking, throwing up, wasting food, and even sh*tting on some of the floors was RIDICULOUS. If you can, I’d suggest staying with family while you study or get housing off-campus.

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