• Geer Hall

    Clemson UniversityClemson, SC

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  • About Geer Hall

    Geer Hall offers double rooms with communal bathrooms. Features a TV lounge, full kitchen, laundry facilities, air conditioning and WiFi. Geer Hall houses the CREATE living learning community.

    Gender: Coed
    Residents: Freshman, Undergraduate Student

    Amenities at Geer Hall

    • Laundry room
    • Kitchen
    • TV lounge
    • Air Conditioning
    • WiFi
  • Resident Reviews of Geer Hall

    • Freshman  |  September 29
      Overall Dorm Grade

      Ah, Geer Hall. Let's go straight into it. The condition of the building is honestly, F-tier. The bathrooms are reminiscent of a public pool, the rooms are bearable, and the kitchen shares more similarities with a dungeon. Laundry is a survival-of-the-fittest procedure and there are great pipes to hang decorations everywhere. The barracks (shoeboxes) are located mid-hill behind death valley and right across the street from the dining hall. To be fair the position of the shoeboxes are relatively great compared to most of campus: 5 min walk to the library and most of west-campus classes and FIKE (gym), up the street from Death Valley (stadium), and a short walk to the mail room and student union. Geer has four floors and a basement... with no elevator. The lounge is truly a social hub, but the cleaning ladies will close it if kept without care. The building may be deteriorating around us; however, there are ample reasons we love Geer. You'll never be alone, between friends, roommates, the occasional roach... The social environment is truly unmatchable. The halls are never short of a party and the people you'll meet will bring endless memories. No dorm can compete with the life and spirit that radiate from Geer, and I couldn't think of anywhere else I'd rather live on campus. Despite the conditions, Geer is a place that is made by the community and the people, because Geer is not just a shoebox, but a home. Ps. There is no Wi-Fi in the bathrooms and walking anywhere on campus from here will include a free calf-work-out plan.

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