• Vulcan Village

    California University of PennsylvaniaCalifornia, PA

  • Overall Dorm Grade

    • C
      Independent Study Space
    • F
      Room Size
    • D
      Wifi Connectivity
    • C
      Location of Bathroom
    • F
      Proximity to Athletics
    • F
      Quality of Bathroom

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  • About Vulcan Village

    Vulcan Village offers two- and four-bedroom apartments. Features a pool, study rooms, business center, WiFi, outdoor basketball court, volleyball, computer lab, fitness center and game room.

    Gender: Coed
    Residents: Undergraduate Student

    Amenities at Vulcan Village

    • Gym
    • Recreation room
    • Pool
    • WiFi
    • Study lounge
    • Computer lab
  • Resident Reviews of Vulcan Village

    • Senior  |  May 18
      Overall Dorm Grade

      Vulcan Village is an overpriced apartment complex for Cal U students. The apartments are filthy when you arrive and management could really care less. Jared Shiner is worthless and deserves to be canned. The corporate office does not even care that this place is a dump and has black mold and is unsafe for the people living there. They are completely happy with gouging people to live here and not coming to fix things quickly. Everything is run down and disgusting and needs to be repaired or replaced. Very sad living standards and they get away with it!!

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