• Atlantis University Housing

    Miami, FLPrivate for-profit, 4-year or above

    ATLANTIS UNIVERSITY’s mission is to prepare graduates and career-minded individuals through quality education, while encouraging student’s personal self-enrichment for their personal and professional development. The mission of ATLANTIS UNIVERSITY through its Schools of Business and the School of Technology - UNITECH College of Technology is: To provide quality in higher education by imparting knowledge through teaching, fostering creativity, and encouraging personal and professional discovery. Encouraging the development and value of self-identity; fostering in the student an attitude of personal growth, which facilitates the ethical formation. To offer accessible, affordable degree and diploma career education to its students by focusing on the learner’s needs, and by working in partnership with the dynamic and multicultural community. Through educational and formative activities, we seek to promote and strengthen values of social and civic responsibility, which encourages our graduates to become committed decision makers with valuable solutions to community problems. To prepare students to become career-minded qualified professionals, and responsible and accountable individuals, to enter the workforce with strong educational foundations, developed creativity skills, responsibility, principles of moral values and ethics, while promoting tolerance, acceptance, and respect for today’s multicultural professional environment, with its diversity of ideas and beliefs: all these values integrate the Atlantis University Community. ATLANTIS UNIVERSITY mission statement is made public via our published

    Mascot:   None
    Population:   341
    Tuition:   $5,400
    Housing:   $0

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