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    Ponce, Private for-profit, 2-year

    The Institution's fundamental mission is to provide academic offerings that facilitate the students' opportunity to become productive, skilled and sensitive professionals in order to attain the quality of life they deserve. Another part of Ponce Paramedical College's mission, is to make higher education accessible to everyone. In this way, the Institution will be helping to improve the quality of life of its students', the community and, consequently, that of the Puerto Rican society. Aware of the importance of the fields directly or indirectly related to health and techno-entrepreneurs, Ponce Paramedical College will preferably develop courses and programs in the areas previously mentioned. Its mission will be to attain the development of competent professionals capable of applying their knowledge, skills and attitudes within the challenging and innovating health and techno-entrepreneur systems, that are in demand at this social historical time in the country. As part of its mission, the Institution seeks to develop graduates who have the personal and professional qualities that dignify them in the exercise of their funtions and to prepare the students to apply the skills in the scientific, academic, and administrative milieu of the students' professions. To attain this mission, Ponce Paramedical College offers technical and associate degree level study programs. The technical level is of the vocational-technical type that has the objetive of preparing the students to perform in the occupational world, within a relatively short time. The associate degree is the first university level, and it includes general education,in addition to professional and technical courses to facilitate ample formation of the students.

    Mascot:   None
    Population:   1,412
    Tuition:   $13,985
    Housing:   $0

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