• Nossi College of Art Housing

    Madison, TNPrivate for-profit, 4-year or above

    It is the mission of Nossi College of Art to accept creatively talented students and provide them with educational opportunities that will enable them to successfully use their talents in the commercial business world. By way of our associate and bachelor degree programs, our students will obtain formal recognition of their development and educational achievements. It is an additional aspect of our mission to provide our students with the necessary decision-making skills and appropriate judgement to become competent visual communicators. We will also give our students and understanding of the fundamentals of traditional art and photography while providing a hands-on, practical education in design, illustration, photography and videography. TO ACHIEVE THIS MISSION, NOSSI COLLEGE OF ART WILL: 1. Employ extremely qualified faculty members who are professionals in their areas of expertise. 2. Provide students with a unique creative learning environment. 3. Continually upgrade equipment and software relevant to the industry. 4. Emphasize the value of each individual and that individual's talents by acknowledging the creativity of every student and instilling in each student self-confidence and life-enhancing skills. 5. Provide small classrooms with a rigorous and well-designed curriculum. 6. Assist all graduates in their career searches. Nossi College of Art's greatest asset is its creative students and the college's ultimate achievement is its successful alumni.

    Mascot:   None
    Population:   303
    Tuition:   $17,800
    Housing:   $0

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