• Mesalands Community College Housing

    Tucumcari, NMPublic, 2-year

    Mesalands Community College Mission Mesalands Community College is an institution of higher education that promotes student learning through quality education and services while fostering personal growth, leadership, and opportunity to a culturally diverse community. The goals of Mesalands Community College are to provide: - An environment where learning is appreciated, encouraged, and assessed. - Academic and technical programs for qualified individuals to enhance their lifelong educational opportunities with an emphasis in a general core base of knowledge. - Accessible, multi-faceted services to qualified participants. - Opportunities to develop leadership skills and achieve personal growth by valuing academic and social responsibility. - Quality community service programs responding to the diverse needs of the region.

    Mascot:   Stampede
    Population:   1,068
    Tuition:   $1,812
    Housing:   $6,224

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