• Lincoln Technical Institute-Mahwah Housing

    Mahwah, NJPrivate for-profit, 2-year

    LTI is dedicated to educating and training students to achieve proficiency through a skills first curriculum. The mission of this institution is to offer the best educational and training programs to enable graduates to take to the marketplace the highest possible level of job knowledge and skills enabling them to accomplish worthwhile career goals and realize self-esteem. To accomplish these objectives, LTI upholds a high standard of quality service and committment. LTI offers graduates viable career options by providing quality educational programs based on employer driven requirements. Our goal is to provide a skilled and knowlegeable faculty dedicated to the professional development of each student. Through these efforts, our students will achieve the knowledge and experience needed for their future working environment. At LTI, our goal is to remain in the forefront of emerging technology. This is accomplished by supporting continuing education and training for graduates, staff and faculty; thereby providing skilled professionals to meet the needs of the technologically changing world and fostering the desire for life-long learning.

    Mascot:   None
    Population:   857
    Tuition:   $25,164
    Housing:   $0

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