• Jna Institute of Culinary Arts Housing

    Philadelphia, PAPrivate for-profit, 2-year

    JNA Institute of Culinary Arts is dedicated to turning out well-trained graduates. The faculty,using modern educational techniques, teaches the students in a Realistic job setting. Hands-on training is stressed, but theory and relevant course work are also used to provide our students with the necessary background and experience to become successes. The staff and faculty seek to help the student develop positive self-images as well as marketable skills. The quality of our training is such that our graduates are often employed in a short period time. The hallmarks of our training are easily identified. They are affective instructional methods, hands-on training, and material of educational relevance. We deliver this to our students in a friendly and caring atmosphere. The school realizes its mission through the achievement of these goals: To teach our students the skills needed to gain meaningful employment. To assist our employers in matching their employment needs with our graduates. To promote ethical, moral, and legal business practices in the conduct of running the school.

    Mascot:   None
    Population:   36
    Tuition:   $14,575
    Housing:   $0

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