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    Cedar Park, TXPrivate for-profit, 4-year or above

    OUR MISSION The school's mission, "turning talent into profession" is realized through a rigorous, integrated art and technology training program where students master traditional drawing and painting and then learn to apply those skills to cutting edge design software in our state of the art Digital Media Lab. For a young artist in today's commercial market, the ability to combine strong traditional skills with strong design software knowledge is critical to obtaining employment with the top creative firms in the advertising, videogame, publishing, entertainment, technology and fine art industries. Our graduates leave Gemini School as savvy professionals ready to succeed in any environment. OUR PHILOSOPY At Gemini School, we are dedicated to the education of professional artists. From first year students to working concept artists, illustrators and designers, our programs are designed to provide professional-level instruction in art. Our overall guiding philosophy is "giving back." We believe that as professional artists, it is our responsibility to share our technical and artistic knowledge and experiences with future colleagues to ensure the advancement of our craft. And, as working artists and educators, we believe in the tenants of artistic freedom, integrity and professional ethics- and expect the same from our students.

    Mascot:   None
    Population:   15
    Tuition:   $88,000
    Housing:   $0

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