• GateWay Community College Housing

    Phoenix, AZPublic, 2-year

    The mission of GateWay Community College, an institution of higher education, is to provide effective, accessible, and responsive educational services in a multicultural environment, resulting in student success and customer satisfaction. Consistent with this mission, GateWay Community College is committed to the following purposes: * General Education Enabling individuals to acquire a foundation of knowledge for achieving personal, academic and civic goals. * Career Education Offering degrees, certificates, and courses for employment, retraining, upgrading of skills, and career enhancement. * Transfer Courses Offering courses that transfer to colleges and universities. * Academic Preparedness Enabling students to acquire the skills necessary for success in higher education. * Student and Instructional Support Services Assisting students in achieving their personal, educational, and career goals. * Community Service Offering opportunity for service and volunteerism in the community. * Economic Development and Educational Partnerships Providing courses and programs specifically designed to meet the needs of business, industry, government, and community agencies. * Global Awareness Promoting understanding in a multicultural world.

    Mascot:   None
    Population:   5,081
    Tuition:   $2,070
    Housing:   $0

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