• Flair Beauty College Housing

    Valencia, CAPrivate for-profit, less-than 2-year

    Dear Student: Welcome to Flair Beauty College. You are entering a learning experience that will give you the opportunity to be successful in the beauty industry. It is our goal to offer you the basic training of your chosen course so as to improve your opportunities to take and pass the licensure examination required by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. We emphasize on teaching you how to be successful in the marketplace, and how to gain experience from each of the operations that you will perform during your training. The operations are an element necessary for you to take the required state license examination. The state license is required in order to obtain employment as a cosmetologist or as a manicurist. Your training will take place within an environment similar to that of your prospective employers. This means that you will be expected to be punctual and respectful toward your instructors, your fellow students and your patrons. It also means hard work, dedication, and lots of practical work on your part. Your training will consist of theory classes, applications of subject matter studied in the theory classes, shop management, business concepts, and the elements of personal success. The training you will receive will allow you to obtain an entry-level position in the beauty industry. The real experience and the advancements in this industry will depend on your own efforts once you are working within the beauty field. It is a pleasure to have you join us at Flair Beauty College. The degree of your success will depend on the effort you are willing to apply during the entire course of your training. We believe the future of our industry is you.

    Mascot:   None
    Population:   53
    Tuition:   $17,700
    Housing:   $0

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