• Evans Hairstyling College-Rexburg Housing

    Rexburg, IDPrivate for-profit, 2-year

    Mission of Evans Hairstyling College 1. Provide a fun positive learning environment where students can grow in their knowledge and capabilities. 2. Teach students how to become a professional in looks, actions, and abilities. 3. Teach the arts of cosmetology in all phases of the beauty profession. 4. Promote the ability to meet people, talk with them, and work well with others. 5. Develop techniques to better serve clients and understand their needs and wants. 6. Instruct how to become a successful salon owner or manager in today's marketplace. 7. Create time and space layouts for today's beauty salons for optimum use of time and productivity. 8. To prepare students for state test, state license and to enter the work force in cosmetology.

    Mascot:   None
    Population:   46
    Tuition:   $11,300
    Housing:   $0

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