• Eastern Michigan University Housing

    Ypsilanti, MIPublic, 4-year or above

    Eastern Michigan University is committed to excellence in teaching through traditional and innovative approaches, the extension of knowledge through basic and applied research, and creative and artistic expression. Building on a proud tradition of national leadership in the preparation of teachers, we maximize educational opportunities and personal and professional growth for students from diverse backgrounds through an array of baccalaureate, master's and doctoral programs. We strive to provide a student-focused learning environment that enhances the lives of students and positively impacts the community. We extend our commitment beyond the campus boundaries to the wider community through service initiatives, and public and private partnerships of mutual interest addressing local, regional, national and international opportunities and challenges.

    Mascot:   Swoop
    Population:   19,123
    Tuition:   $12,508
    Housing:   $10,370

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