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    Charleston, WVPrivate for-profit, 2-year

    The overall mission of our institution is to provide prime education and training to our students, which will enable them to successfully pass their state board exam, obtain licensure and become successfully employed in the industry. The instructional staff possesses the skills required to provide necessary training, and we aspire to produce capable, productive stylists, barbers, and nail technicians that exhibit the determination, skills, ability and the desire to succeed in the salon environment. Each student will not only receive instruction and exposure to essential technical skills and equipment, but also the opportunity for hands on, supervised work with the public. Our goals and objectives are the following: -To teach our students cosmetology and barbering history as it pertains to today's profession. -To provide exposure to the role of the professional cosmetologists/barber-stylist/nail technician, including opportunities for supervised practical "hands-on" work. -Help our students to gain an overview of what knowledge and skills are required to master the techniques in their chosen profession. -To offer students an opportunity for exposure to up-to-date products and styling techniques. -Help our students to obtain a basic understanding of what is included within the scope of cosmetology, barbering and manicuring. -To teach our students the components of the proper attitude that a professional cosmetologist, barber-stylist, or nail technician should have to be successful. -To build a solid foundation of education and technical skills. -Teach our students the proper function of all equipment and implements used in their profession. -Motivate the students to develop all of their artistic talent. -Teach our students sound business practices, all aspects pertaining to salon management. -Teach our student good industry ethics.

    Mascot:   Cougar
    Population:   80
    Tuition:   $12,250
    Housing:   $0

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