• Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology Housing

    Denver, COPrivate for-profit, 2-year

    MISSION “To instill in the students not only the marketable skills needed for initial employment, but also the initiative, self- confidence and resourcefulness necessary for advancement.” - Adopted by the Management, Faculty, Staff, and Advisory Board April 18, 1986 Bel-Rea strives to create valuable veterinary technician employees for the local, national, and global veterinary community by providing all students with a well-rounded education that will allow them the opportunity to successfully launch their career as a veterinary technician. The field of veterinary medicine is continually evolving, and Bel-Rea utilizes institutional goal achievement, student outcomes, and input from veterinary professionals to study and consistently improve our efforts for our students, faculty, staff, veterinary employers, and the professional community. The program’s educational philosophy is that the student is considered our most valuable asset, and it is the well- being and training of the student that is our most important consideration. Bel-Rea’s educational objectives actively support this mindset and are as follows: 1. To assist all students in achieving a superior level of basic skills for an entry-level veterinary technician. 2. To instill in each student the means of developing a professional appearance, poise and a continuing pattern for self-improvement. 3. To impart a practical knowledge of appropriate procedures and techniques, with emphasis on learning by doing. 4. To provide a background diverse enough to enable graduates to progress to management level. 5. To give the student the opportunity to exercise responsibility, and to develop the self-confidence that goes with responsibility. 6. To provide general education courses that enrich the student’s personal life and result in better citizenship, as well as employment competence.

    Mascot:   None
    Population:   275
    Tuition:   $12,338
    Housing:   $0

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