• Asian-American International Beauty College Housing

    Westminster, CAPrivate for-profit, less-than 2-year

    At ASIAN-AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY COLLEGE, our goal is to graduate students who will be highly employable and capable of demonstrating the knowledge and experience received in their training. We strive to maintain a program of education that is constantly updated so students will have the knowledge and skills to compete with our current industry professionals, and to insure the constant educational growth of the faculty, students, teaching methods and techniques. The degree of your success will also depend on the effort you are willing to apply during the entire course of your training. MISSION STATEMENT: We constantly are striving to prepare our students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in today's current industry. Our vocational objective is to train and produce graduates sufficiently knowledgeable to pass the state licensing examination so that they may seek and find profitable employment in the beauty industry. The successful student should be able to function effectively in one of the many specialty areas such as: Hair Stylist, Hair Colorist, Manicurist, Make-Up Artist or as a Beauty Salon Operator. Normal progression should move him or her to positions such as Beauty Salon Manager, Beauty Salon Owner, Cosmetology Teacher, School Director, or School Owner.

    Mascot:   None
    Population:   609
    Tuition:   $700
    Housing:   $0

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