• American Islamic College Housing

    Chicago, ILPrivate not-for-profit, 4-year or above

    To become a highly valued Islamic University in the nation with a commitment to: offering academically rigorous and professionally sound programs; providing training for leadership and policy-making roles in American society; and for management and staff of American Muslim institutions, and; serving as a resource to American institutions and individuals for learning about Islam.

    Mascot:   None
    Population:   16
    Tuition:   $7,600
    Housing:   $3,375

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  • On Campus Housing at American Islamic College

    • Dormitory

      The Dormitory at American Islamic College offers single and double occupancy rooms. Features WiFi, cable TV, a commercial kitchen, a cafeteria, laundry facilities, a fitness room, a recreation room, a terrace, a study room, a student hall, a lounge and a prayer hall.

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