• Alice Lloyd College Housing

    Pippa Passes, KYPrivate not-for-profit, 4-year or above

    The mission of Alice Lloyd College is to educate mountain people for positions of leadership and service to the mountains by: *Making an Alice Lloyd College education available to qualified mountain students regardless of their financial situation. *Offering a high quality academic program, emphasizing the liberal arts. *Promoting the work ethic through a self-help, student work program in which all full-time students participate. *Providing an atmosphere in which Christian values are maintained, encouraging high personal standards and the development of character. *Serving the community and region through appropriate outreach programs that utilize mountain people helping mountain people. *Assisting deserving students in obtaining advanced study beyond their program at Alice Lloyd. *Producing leaders for Appalachia who possess high moral and ethical values, an attitude of self-reliance, a sense of purpose, and a spirit of service to others.

    Mascot:   Talon
    Population:   644
    Tuition:   $11,550
    Housing:   $7,160

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